Texas Ranches & Land Company

 Helping People Realize their Dream of Living in the Texas Hill Country

Today our focus is no longer on City Developments but instead, the Development of Exclusive Ranches in the Texas Hill Country. On our Exclusive Ranches, we usually begin development by first building a custom $25,000 Landscaped Entrance.

We make it easy for our clients to transition from city life to the Hill Country. The reason being, our Ranches have been groomed and developed with crushed white limestone covered roads, so our clients can begin enjoying their Ranch even before they build their new home. Most of our clients have spent 3-5 years looking for their special place in the Hill Country. When they see one of our specially developed ranches and what is included with the purchase, they usually make their purchase within two days.

Our simplified buying process begins with our clients comfortable in their home or office. We then connect with them online, to enjoy a Virtual Tour. 

We are Owners/Developers of Communities throughout Texas and Exclusive Ranches in the Texas Hill Country.

The properties we have developed range in size from 50 to more than 2,100 acres. The Markets we’ve served range from Starter Housing, Golf Course and Gated Communities and Exclusive Ranches.

Unlike Real Estate Brokers/Agents, we Invest our own Capital and are very selective on the properties we purchase. We then develop our properties from Land Acquisition through Design, Engineering Permitting and Build Out. 

In summary, every step of serving our client’s needs from beginning to end is tailored just for them. We invite you to call us today and discuss how we can serve you. 

We develop our Ranches with and without homes from 20 to 500 acres and our clients can build immediately or build at a date that better fits their needs.

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If they wish to make the trip to the Hill Country, we then set an appointment for our clients to see the property in person.

During the Virtual Tour, our clients will see how we groom and protect the wooded areas. As part of the development process, we build all-weather roads topped with white crushed limestone and clear the areas to build a new home and guest houses. We also answer any questions that they may have.

After closing, at no additional cost, we provide our clients with a Concierge Service, answering questions and providing Solutions of "How to Build Their Ranch". This service even includes Architectural Design building plans.