Restructuring. . . We Begin with the End in Mind

​​ The AmeriCap Group

          Corporate Headquarters - Dallas

Fact!  With the shutdown of the U.S. economy, companies are just a mirror image of each other. Each is trying to jump-start its Sales Revenue, collect their Receivables and attempting to Restructure their secured and unsecured debt. Because of companies having identical problems, all CEOs are facing one of the toughest times in history for Restructuring.

Most all companies, large or small, have moved into a Survival/Crisis Management style designed to save the company. However, the management planning needed for the future growth of the company is almost non-existent.

At the AmeriCap Group, we have a better approach.

Our Restructuring Plan begins with the "End in Mind", which addresses the fixing of the problems of today, but provides a road map to a better thinking process, with the plan of growing the company and cashing out in 3 years.

History teaches us not to be greedy. Most owners of companies allocate 100% of their time to the meticulous detail of the daily operations of their company and do not have an Exit Strategy plan. Owners often wait too long, lose their health or the market changes and they are forced to sell their company immediately at a fire-sale liquidation price. Their life’s work of building value is wiped out by greed, by holding on too long, or by the lack of planning the exit.

By starting with the End in Mind, we develop a thinking road-map that does not lead a company down a dead-end alley. Instead, our Restructuring Plan establishes timetables for crisis management with the conversion to the management of growth and attaining the 3-year Objectives.

​How do we do this? 

We utilize our 35 years of experience of success to forge new directions.

As an example, companies utilize various ways of measuring financial performance, such as R.O.I. We too have developed proprietary systems that measure all segments of the company, including the two most important . . . the Customer Lifetime Value "CLV", and the Employee Lifetime Value "ELV".

Bluntly put, the employees are the foundation of success for tomorrow. Without them, the company is nothing. . .  as proven by their absense caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our systems can immediately determine the ELV of each employee. Based on their ELV scores, each employee is rewarded financially according to their performance. Once the employees see how the Company has valued and appreciated their performance, the dynamics are changed and Employee Performance is enhanced throughout the Company. This results in the end of Micro-Management and a new company culture is born. This new culture creates Innovation through their Imagination and Creativity. This new way of thinking and managing starts while the company is in Survival/Crisis Mode then continues to expand exponentially to accomplish the "End in Mind" objectives. 

As mentioned above, our proprietary Accelerated Growth Systems “AGS”, can turn on the Multi-Million Dollar Computers, which are Minds of the People. They become the catalyst and the Engine for producing the higher Revenues, Earnings & higher Multiples of EBITDA in a small non-micromanaged company.

Below is an example only, of past small company performance and the potential for future performance and attaining 3-year objectives.

In summary, AmeriCap is looking for. . .

Companies that we can acquire, or invest in for an Equity position and grow Revenue 3X, Earnings 5X, and increase the multiple of EBITDA from 1X to 8X and Sell the Company within a 3 year period.

Contact us to see if we have a fit.