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How to Survive and Grow!

The pictures and descriptions herein represent the experience of Jerry Reed, President of The AmeriCap Group, Inc. of Companies Owned, Controlled or having an Affiliation.    

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jerry Reed and I founded The AmeriCap Group, Inc. in 1993.

Our company is looking to discuss the possibility of purchasing Companies or Investing in them for an Equity position.

Our interest in acquiring companies has been sparked by the COVID-19 crisis. Experts have forecasted that 20% to 35% of small businesses will fail. This vacates a large portion of market share by industry and opens doors of opportunity.

Therefore, we are looking for companies that have the potential to take advantage of this opportunity and rapidly accelerate revenue and greater earnings by seizing this market share.  

For companies that qualify, our proprietary "Next Level System" can rapidly accelerate Revenue 3X, Earnings 5X, and increases the multiple of EBIDTA from 1X to an 8X which is included in the Exit Strategy to Sell or Merge the Company on or before a 3-year period.

With companies we invest in, the Exit Strategy Plan is intense and highly focused for a 3-year period.

Accordingly, whether we acquire 100% of a company, or just take an equity position, we can provide our 35 years of experience as owners, executing Next Level Restructuring and rapid growth. 

So there is no misunderstanding, if we do not acquire 100% of a company and only invest in a partial ownership position, we are not active in the day to day management. But instead, we only provide “Know How Assistance” in Restructuring and assist the CEO in attaining the 3-Year growth targets.

In summary, as owners of more than 30 companies, we have been there and understand the gut-wrenching feeling of CEOs not knowing how to start addressing issues and curing the problems they are facing. 

Below are typical and very real Crisis issues in companies we have addressed in our 35 years of acquisitions.

  * How to prevent the Company from going into Shock                       resulting in the Loss of Employees & Customers,

  * How to Stabilize Company with a Plan for Survival & Crisis          Management,

  * How to Stop the Hemorrhaging of Red Ink,

  * How to Jump-Start Revenues, and collecting A/Rs, both                creating needed Cash,

  * How to Re-Structure Secured and Unsecured Debt,

  * How to Segway into 3 Year Growth Exit Strategy Plan                   Management

  * How to get Employees behind the New Growth Plan and turn      on the Company’s greatest asset . . . the Multi-Million Dollar          Computer Minds owned by every Employee.

In the event AmeriCap does not invest in a company, we may periodically provide Consulting, on a fee basis, with annual consulting engagement fees beginning at $500,000.

However to make it perfectly clear, AmeriCap prefers to take an equity position in a company instead of consulting fees, which in turn saves the client cash and provides our company with a higher return on investment.

If you would like to explore the many options that AmeriCap provides, please take a moment and contact me via email. jr@americap.us or a call to my private cell phone at 


Rest assured, our conversation will be absolutely confidential.