The AmeriCap Group
Corporate Consulting

Our Focus

The AmeriCap Group is an association of highly experienced corporate professionals.  Our mission is to provide guidance and advice for companies which have above-average profit and growth potential and fewer than 350 employees.

The scope of management services provided by AmeriCap is limited to three highly specialized categories:

  1. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures assistance;
  2. Restructuring consultation; and
  3. Capital.
Our approach in providing these services is simple; we take our years of knowledge and experience and provide straight talk and performance. 

When clients ask questions, they get specific answers.  Answers based on experience, not untested textbook theory.  Answers from seasoned professionals who know how to win and also know the unpleasant taste of defeat.  Professionals who know how to cut through the confusion, get to the bottom line, and quickly help their clients achieve their objectives.